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AD-12019G AC Adapter, SAMSUNG 19V 6.32A AD-12019G Adapter

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SAMSUNG AD-12019G Adapter in Singapore Detail:

Welcome choose this SAMSUNG AD-12019G AC Adapter (19V 6.32A ) in our Singapore Shop. We sale laptop battery chargers for many years. All original / genius /replacement SAMSUNG AD-12019G power charger are wholesale from the factory or the market, please place your order freely. We offer a 30-day unconditional money back GUARANTEE and Fast SHIPPING on all SAMSUNG laptop ac adapters. Please click follow SAMSUNG AD-12019G AC Adapter picture to see more details.

Total Sale: 1405 Sold
Adapter Name:
Adapter Brand:
OutPut Voltage:
19 V
OutPut Current:
6.32 A
Adapter Power(Max):
120 W
Weight( Adapter only ):
Adapter Tip Size:
5.5x3.0 mm
Tip Note:

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    Power cord for SAMSUNG AD-12019G adapter, Singapore cheap SAMSUNG AD-12019G Laptop ac adapters for AD-12019G
This Adapter can work with follow Laptop models(Not all list here):


    800G5M-X01, 800G5M-X01,

    AA-RD4NDOC, AA-RD4NDOC, AA-RD4NDOC/E, AA-RD4NDOC/UK, AA-RD4NDOC/US, DM-AF310-A39T, DP300A2A, DP300A2A-A01AU, DP300A2A-A01US, DP300A2A-A02CL, DP300A2A-A02MX, DP300A2A-A02UK, DP300A2A-B01IT, DP300A2A-B02MX, DP300A2A-T01PH, DP300A2A-T01RU, DP700A3B-A01AR, DP700A3B-A01FR, DP700A3B-A01US, DP700A3B-A02US, DP700A3B-S01UK, DP700A3B-S02AU, DP700A3B-S02FR, DP700A3C-A01US, DP700A3C-S01AU, DP700A3C-S01CL, DP700A3C-S01FR, DP700A3D-A01FR, DP700A3D-A01IT, DP700A3D-A01PT, DP700A3D-A01RU, DP700A3D-A01SE, DP700A3D-A01US, DP700A3D-A01VE, DP700A3D-A02RU, DP700A3D-A03BE, DP700A3D-A05UK, DP700A3D-A06UK, DP700A3D-A08UK, DP700A3D-A09UK, DP700A3D-K01BE, DP700A3D-K01IT, DP700A3D-K01MX, DP700A3D-K01UK, DP700A3D-K01US, DP700A3D-K01VE, DP700A3D-K02CO, DP700A3D-K02US, DP700A3D-S01AE, DP700A3D-S01CA, DP700A3D-S01CH, DP700A3D-S01CL, DP700A3D-S01CO, DP700A3D-S01DE, DP700A3D-S01FR, DP700A3D-S01HS, DP700A3D-S01ID, DP700A3D-S01IT, DP700A3D-S01MY, DP700A3D-S01NL, DP700A3D-S01PH, DP700A3D-S01PL, DP700A3D-S01RU, DP700A3D-S01SG, DP700A3D-S01TH,

    DP700A3D-S01UK, DP700A3D-S01UK,

    DP700A3D-S01UK, DP700A3D-S01UK, DP700A3D-S01VN, DP700A3D-S01ZA, DP700A3D-S02DE, DP700A3D-S02RU, DP700A3D-S03AU, DP700A3D-S04AU, DP700A3D-X01AE, DP700A3D-X01AT, DP700A3D-X01AU, DP700A3D-X01CH, DP700A3D-X01CL, DP700A3D-X01CN, DP700A3D-X01CZ, DP700A3D-X01EE, DP700A3D-X01FR, DP700A3D-X01HK, DP700A3D-X01ID, DP700A3D-X01IT, DP700A3D-X01MY, DP700A3D-X01NL, DP700A3D-X01PL, DP700A3D-X01PT, DP700A3D-X01RU, DP700A3D-X01SA, DP700A3D-X01TH, DP700A3D-X01TR, DP700A3D-X01VE, DP700A3D-X01VN, DP700A3D-X01ZA, DP700A3D-X02CA,

    DP700A7D, DP700A7D,

    DP700A7D-S01CA, DP700A7D-S01CA, DP700A7D-S01CH, DP700A7D-S01CN, DP700A7D-S01FR, DP700A7D-S01IT, DP700A7D-S01SE, DP700A7D-S01UK, DP700A7D-S01US, DP700A7D-S01ZA, DP700A7D-S02DE, DP700A7D-S02FR, DP700A7D-S02IT, DP700A7D-S02RU, DP700A7D-S02SG, DP700A7D-S02UK, DP700A7D-S03DE, DP700A7D-S03IT, DP700A7D-S03UK, DP700A7D-S03US, DP700A7D-S04CA, DP700A7D-S04DE, DP700A7D-S04IT, DP700A7D-X01AT, DP700A7D-X01AU, DP700A7D-X01BE, DP700A7D-X01CH, DP700A7D-X01CN, DP700A7D-X01ES, DP700A7D-X01HK, DP700A7D-X01IT, DP700A7D-X01RU, DP700A7D-X01SE, DP700A7D-X01UK, DP700A7D-X01US, DP700A7D-X02CA, DP700A7D-X02TR,

    M30, M30, NP-M3,

    NP-Q470-BT02CN, NP-Q470-BT02CN, NP-Q470-BT03CN, NP-Q470-BT04CN, NP-Q470-JS0ACN, NP-Q470-JS0BCN, NP-Q470-JS0ECN, NP-Q470-JS0FCN, NP-Q470-JT03CN, NP-Q470-JT05CN, NP-Q470-QS01CN, NP-Q470-QS02CN, NP-Q470-QS03CN, NP-Q470-QT01CN, NP-Q470-QT02CN, NP-Q470-ZT02CN, NP-Q470-ZT03CN,

    NP-V25, NP-V25, NP-V27, NP-V30, NP-X10,

    NP500P4C-S01AE, NP500P4C-S01AE, NP500P4C-S01CL, NP500P4C-S01HK, NP500P4C-S01MX, NP500P4C-S01MY, NP500P4C-S01TH, NP500P4C-S01US, NP500P4C-S02AE, NP500P4C-S02CL, NP500P4C-S02CO, NP500P4C-S02HK, NP500P4C-S02TW, NP500P4C-S02US, NP500P4C-S03AE, NP500P4C-S03MX, NP500P4C-S03SG, NP500P4C-S03TH, NP500P4C-S03TW, NP500P4C-S03VE, NP500P4C-S04HK, NP500P4C-S04PH, NP500P4C-S04TW, NP500P4C-S05AE, NP500P4C-S05HK, NP500P4C-S05MX, NP500P4C-S05SG, NP500P4C-S05TH, NP500P4C-S05TW, NP500P4C-S06AE, NP500P4C-S06HK, NP500P4C-S06MX, NP500P4C-S07AE, NP500P4C-S07MX, NP500P4C-S08AE, NP500P4C-S08HK, NP500P4C-S09AE, NP500P4C-S09HK, NP500P4C-T01CO, NP500P4C-T02CL, NP500P4C-T03CL, NP500P4C-T03HK, NP550P5C-A01UB, NP550P5C-A01US, NP550P5C-A02UB, NP550P5C-A02UK, NP550P5C-A02US, NP550P5C-A05UK, NP550P5C-A08UK, NP550P5C-E01HK, NP550P5C-S01CH, NP550P5C-S01CN, NP550P5C-S01GR, NP550P5C-S01HK, NP550P5C-S01IN, NP550P5C-S01NG, NP550P5C-S01RU, NP550P5C-S01TH, NP550P5C-S01VE, NP550P5C-S02AE, NP550P5C-S02AU, NP550P5C-S02BE, NP550P5C-S02CN, NP550P5C-S02DE, NP550P5C-S02GR, NP550P5C-S02IN, NP550P5C-S02NG, NP550P5C-S02RU, NP550P5C-S02TR, NP550P5C-S02US, NP550P5C-S02VE, NP550P5C-S02ZA, NP550P5C-S03AE, NP550P5C-S03AU, NP550P5C-S03CA, NP550P5C-S03DE, NP550P5C-S03ES, NP550P5C-S03HK, NP550P5C-S03HU, NP550P5C-S03IN, NP550P5C-S03PL, NP550P5C-S03PT, NP550P5C-S03RO, NP550P5C-S03RU, NP550P5C-S03TR, NP550P5C-S03UK, NP550P5C-S03VE, NP550P5C-S04AE, NP550P5C-S04CL, NP550P5C-S04DE, NP550P5C-S04IN, NP550P5C-S04PL, NP550P5C-S04RU, NP550P5C-S04TR, NP550P5C-S04UK, NP550P5C-S04VE, NP550P5C-S05CL, NP550P5C-S05IN, NP550P5C-S05PL, NP550P5C-S05TR, NP550P5C-S05VE, NP550P5C-S06IN, NP550P5C-S07AU, NP550P5C-S07DE, NP550P5C-S08AU, NP550P5C-S08DE, NP550P5C-S09AU, NP550P5C-S09IN, NP550P5C-S0ADE, NP550P5C-T01AE, NP550P5C-T01AR, NP550P5C-T01BE, NP550P5C-T01CA, NP550P5C-T01CL, NP550P5C-T01CZ, NP550P5C-T01EE, NP550P5C-T01ES, NP550P5C-T01FR, NP550P5C-T01HR, NP550P5C-T01HU, NP550P5C-T01IT, NP550P5C-T01NL, NP550P5C-T01PL, NP550P5C-T01PT, NP550P5C-T01RO, NP550P5C-T01RS, NP550P5C-T01SA, NP550P5C-T01TR, NP550P5C-T01US, NP550P5C-T01ZA, NP550P5C-T02AE, NP550P5C-T02BE, NP550P5C-T02CZ, NP550P5C-T02DE, NP550P5C-T02EE, NP550P5C-T02FR, NP550P5C-T02GR, NP550P5C-T02HK, NP550P5C-T02HU, NP550P5C-T02PL, NP550P5C-T02RO, NP550P5C-T02SA, NP550P5C-T02SE, NP550P5C-T02VE, NP550P5C-T02ZA, NP550P5C-T03FR, NP550P5C-T03GR, NP550P5C-T03PL, NP550P5C-T03TR, NP550P5C-T03ZA, NP550P5C-T04DE, NP550P5C-T04FR, NP550P5C-T05FR, NP550P5C-T06FR, NP550P5C-T07FR, NP550P7C-E01HK, NP550P7C-S01CN, NP550P7C-S01CZ, NP550P7C-S01DE, NP550P7C-S01EE, NP550P7C-S01PL, NP550P7C-S01PT, NP550P7C-S02BE, NP550P7C-S02CA, NP550P7C-S02CN, NP550P7C-S02DE, NP550P7C-S02PL, NP550P7C-S02PT, NP550P7C-S02RU, NP550P7C-S02UK, NP550P7C-S03CN, NP550P7C-S03DE, NP550P7C-S03HK, NP550P7C-S03NL, NP550P7C-S03PL, NP550P7C-S03RU, NP550P7C-S04DE, NP550P7C-S04HK, NP550P7C-S04PL, NP550P7C-S05DE, NP550P7C-S05RU, NP550P7C-S05UK, NP550P7C-S0ADE, NP550P7C-S0BDE, NP550P7C-S0CDE, NP550P7C-S0DDE, NP550P7C-S0EDE, NP550P7C-S0FDE, NP550P7C-S0GDE, NP550P7C-T01CA, NP550P7C-T01CZ, NP550P7C-T01DE, NP550P7C-T01EE, NP550P7C-T01IT, NP550P7C-T01NL, NP550P7C-T01PL, NP550P7C-T01RU, NP550P7C-T01TR, NP550P7C-T01US, NP550P7C-T02CA, NP550P7C-T02DE, NP550P7C-T02ES, NP550P7C-T02FR, NP550P7C-T02IT, NP550P7C-T02PL, NP550P7C-T02TR, NP550P7C-T03BE, NP550P7C-T03CA, NP550P7C-T03DE, NP550P7C-T03FR, NP550P7C-T03IT, NP550P7C-T03TR, NP550P7C-T04CA, NP550P7C-T04DE, NP550P7C-T04FR, NP550P7C-T05CA, NP550P7C-T05FR, NP550P7C-T05IT, NP550P7C-T06BE, NP550P7C-T06FR, NP550P7C-T06IT, NP550P7C-T07BE, NP550P7C-T08BE, NP550P7C-T08DE, NP550P7C-T09BE, NP550P7C-T09DE, NP550P7C-T0ADE, NP550P7C-T0BDE,

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    V25, V25, V27, V30, X10,

To use your adapter better, please follow the precautions listed below

  • Do not modify or disassemble the SAMSUNG AD-12019G adapter.
  • Do not incinerate or expose adapter to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.
  • Do not expose AD-12019G SAMSUNG to water or other moist matters.
  • Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the AD-12019G new adapter .
  • Do not place AD-12019G adapter in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  • Do not short circuit the terminals or store your SAMSUNG adapter pack with metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins
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